Pre-Foundation Stage 1 (CEFR Pre-A1)

Designed for the New English Curriculum and based on English Adventure’s context-based pedagogy, all of HEROES learning revolves around original, magnificently illustrated stories.

With a strong emphasis on oral-aural-first, lesson plans are filled with games, songs and stories. All lesson activities are presented in our proprietary SmartClass™ lesson presentation software. With HEROES and SmartClass it has never been easier and more fun to teach and learn English in school.

  1. Promotes the active use of spoken language.
  2. Numerous in-class activities which are all integrated into our FREE SmartClass™ lesson management software.
  3. Magnificently illustrated original children’s stories.
  4. Designed especially for the New English Curriculum with:
    • – Vocabulary lists – Pre-Band 1 and Band 1
    • – Can-Do Statements
    • – Lexical Chunks
    • – Phonemic Awareness
    • – Performance Tasks
    • – Formative and Summative Assessment
Program Includes