I Like English I Like English

I Like English

Pre-Foundation Stage 1 (CEFR Pre-A1)

I LIKE ENGLISH is a story-based program for young learners in their first year of studying EFL. With specially designed material and topics that are interesting, age-appropriate, and relevant, I Like English supports a strong focus on oral communication skills.

Lessons are filled with songs, stories, and games to provide children with a positive first experience in learning English. Our SmartClass™ lesson presentation software provides interactive lesson plans for each session.

  1. Promotes the active use of spoken language.
  2. Numerous in-class activities which are all integrated into our FREE SmartClass™ lesson management software.
  3. Magnificently illustrated original children’s stories.
  4. Designed especially for the New English Curriculum with:
    • – Vocabulary lists – Pre-Band I
    • – Can-Do Statements
    • – Lexical Chinks
    • – Phonemic Awareness
Program Includes
Free SmartClass™ license with videos, games and teaching guidance
I Like English Unit 1 Children's Activity Book 751-1074 דאנאקוד
I Like English Unit 2 Children's Activity Book 751-1075 דאנאקוד
Max the Puppet
Emotion and Game Cube
44 Songs and Chants
2 Free Classroom Environment Posters