Let's Find Out! Let's Find Out!

Let's Find Out!

Foundation Level Stage 2 (CEFR A1)

Join our hero and his friends as they solve problems, uncover mysteries from history, and even visit the far-off future! The program teaches English through integration of the four domains: Social Interaction, Access to Information, Presentation and Appreciation of Language and Literature.

Recurring characters use a wide variety of text types, visuals and clues to solve mysteries and find answers to the questions. This process takes students from applying lower order thinking skills (LOTS) to using higher order thinking skills (HOTS), while engaging them in meaningful language use.

  1. Designed for the heterogeneous classroom
  2. Re-enters Band I vocabulary systematically
  3. Promotes speaking skills in the English classroom
  4. A wide range of authentic text types
  5. Literature taught through key components
  6. Step-by-step scaffolding for writing tasks
  7. Variety of interactive ICT activities
  8. Independent reading passages with tasks
Program Includes