Pre-Foundation Stage 2 (CEFR Pre-A1)

EPIC addresses all New English Curriculum requirements for both 1st and 2nd year EFL young learners.

Strongly structured around English Adventures’ context-based pedagogy, EPIC revolves around age-appropriate original stories. It re-introduces required vocabulary and promotes the active use of spoken language with numerous games, songs and stories, all presented in SmartClass™ free, in-class presentation software. From Letter to Word to Sentence to Text – EPIC also builds firm solid foundations for independent readers.

  1. Promotes the active use of spoken language.
  2. ABC Notebook included in coursebook.
  3. Magnificently illustrated original children’s stories.
  4. Numerous in-class activities which are all integrated into our FREE SmartClass™ lesson management software.
  5. Promotes Higher-Order Thinking Skills
  6. Designed especially for the New English Curriculum with:
    • Vocabulary lists – Pre-Band 1 and Band 1
    • Can-Do Statements
    • Lexical Chunks
    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Performance Tasks
    • Formative and Summative Assessment
Program Includes