EPIC Stories & More
Grade Grade 3
Level Pre-Foundation Stage 2 | (CEFR Pre-A1)
Danacode 751-1069
Programs EPIC
  • Description

    EPIC Stories & More provides the stories that serve as the contextual framework for the lexical items and chunks taught in the program, as well as provide ample opportunity for pupils to build and enhance their reading literacy development. Stories & More features six brilliantly inviting storybooks, as well as texts for the pupils to develop, practice, and master their reading skills. This book includes:


    • A variety of stories and texts that cater to learners’ individual interests
    • Ample listening and speaking practice to encourage the active use of spoken language in the classroom
    • Extensive exposure to essential vocabulary and lexical chunks
    • Free audio recordings in English Adventure’s Student’s Zone
    • Elaborative written instructions for all readings in the program’s Teacher’s Guide
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