Fun with Phonics
Grade Grade 4
Level Foundation Level Stage 1 | (CEFR A1)
Danacode 751-1013
  • Description

    Fun with Phonics is a supplementary workbook for students who are familiar with the English alphabet and individual letter sounds. This book is designed to help students practice and master 30 different digraphs (i.e. th, ch and sh), the vowel combinations (i.e. ee, ea, ou) and consonant blends (i.e. -nd, st-). Students can use this program to improve their basic reading skills, or as an excellent source of review. This program includes:


    • Extensive practice of vocabulary, lexical chunks, and phonemic awareness
    • An 8-page cut-and-fold mini-book
    • A self-test
    • All activities include written instructions 
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