Let’s Find Out! Workbook
Grade Grade 5
Level Foundation Level Stage 2 | (CEFR A1)
Danacode 751-1032
  • Description

    Let’s Find Out – Workbook follows the comprehensive structure of the Let’s Find Out – Course Book. This program is designed to practice and reinforce the objectives outlined in the Course Book. Activities vary in difficulty to better cater to the various levels and different learning styles of all students. The following types of exercises appear in every part of each unit: reading comprehension tasks, vocabulary practice, independent reading passages, writing exercises, and more. This program includes:


    • Extensive development of literacy skills

    • Step-by-step scaffolding for writing tasks

    • A corresponding digital platform to provide further interactive review and practice

    • Self-assessment at the end of each unit

    • Free audio exercises in English Adventure’s website

    • All activities include written instructions and are further elaborated along with a full lesson plan in the programs Teacher’s Guide
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