Legendary Course Book
Grade Grade 4
Level Foundation Level Stage 1 | (CEFR A1)
Danacode 751-1071
  • Description

    LEGENDARY Course Book is a comprehensive, story-based, emergent reader program. The stories in LEGENDARY provide an authentic, contextualized framework through which vocabulary, language patterns and chunks, as well as emergent reading concepts are illustrated and activated. Pupils with different interests and learning styles can all engage in meaningful learning that also encourages social and emotional development. Pupils are provided with a myriad of text types, exposing them to a variety of linguistic structures that eventually translate to the development of writing skills. As pupils gain knowledge of phonics, they develop encoding skills that are essential to mastering spelling patterns. Pupils are guided from writing words to simple sentences to more complex sentence structures, and finally writing short, scaffolded texts. In addition, songs, chants and games are methodically incorporated to further develop young learner’s English language skills in a highly engaging manner.

    This course book includes:


    • A variety of activities and techniques that cater to learners’ individual learning styles and interests. These include: singing, storytelling, games, acting, arts and crafts, and movement.
    • Extensive listening and speaking practice to encourage the active use of spoken language in the classroom
    • 267 picture flashcards and word cards
    • Extensive practice of vocabulary and lexical chunks
    • Free online learning activities 
    • Recordings of all stories, texts, songs and chants
    • Five performance-based tasks, designed to provide an alternative form of assessment and measure learners’ productive language skills
    • Detailed unit plans, instructions for games, song and chant lyrics, scripts for the stories, answer keys, assessment summary tools and more are located in the program’s Teacher’s Guide

    All activities include written instructions and are further elaborated along with a full lesson plan in the program’s Teacher’s Guide.

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